Cristina Kotz Cornejo

Paris is Back: Will the Indigenous People of Argentina Be Included in New Immersive Territories?

"Argentina, while very slowly making strides to reckon with its practices of discrimination and exclusion, has an opportunity to change how it approaches who receives support for media projects and who the next generation of media makers will be as technologies evolve." Article written by Cristina Kotz Cornejo

Link: AR/VR Journey

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"Transparent" Credit Sequence

Season 3 of Transparent by Jill Soloway premiered yesterday and I'm happy to finally announce that footage I shot in 1993, from my first film, produced with Angela Counts about pioneering African American, LGBTQ rights activist, Jewel Thais-Williams and her groundbreaking club, Catch One was chosen for the opening credit sequence. Watch the series on Amazon Prime Video...

Clip from Transparent Opening Credit Sequence...

Clip from Transparent Opening Credit Sequence...

3 Américas to screen/muestra in/en México/DF!

If you're in Mexico City on Saturday, July 9th stop by Cine Tonalá in Colonia Roma Sur and watch 3 Américas at 3pm as part of the "Exile y Migration" film showcase.

Si se encuentran en la cuidad de México el sábado 9 de Julio vayan a Cine Tonalá en la Colonia Roma Sur para la muestra de 3 Américas a las 15 horas. La película forma parte del programa, "Exilio y Migración."