31 minutes/Digital Video/Documemoir

Filmmakers: (Partial)

Director/Editor: Cristina Kotz Cornejo
Cinematographer: Sam Zalutsky & Cristina Kotz Cornejo
Music by Agustin Cornejo & Las Hermanas Cornejo


World Premiere: Rhode Island International Film Festival, August 2003

After a 10-year absence from her mother’s homeland, filmmaker Cristina Kotz Cornejo returns to Argentina to document the history of a grandfather she never met, but whose past is still clearly present in the lives of her mother and aunt 34 years after his death. Original cinema verite of the filmmaker’s journey to Buenos Aires and San Juan, Argentina, to scatter the ashes of her grandfather based on his last dying wish in 1965, is inter cut with conversations with Sara and Aurora separately and together. Framed by old family photographs, old Paramount Film footage and original musical recordings, MY ARGENTINE FAMILY/MI FAMILIA ARGENTINA, tells the complex story of a family’s unconventional life of music and heartache.



15 minutes / Digital Video / Black and White

Class, race, gender and sex in corporate America converge in this darkly comic tale called Ocean Waves.


2003 - UFVA Award of Merit
2000 Aperture Short Film Grant Finalist


Boston Underground Film Festival - October 2003.
Roxbury Film Festival - August 2003
2003 UFVA Conference - July 2003
New England Film and Video Festival - March 2003
Oni Gallery, Boston - January 2003


Director/Editor: Cristina Kotz Cornejo
Writer: Angela Counts
Cinematographer: Chad Davidson
Production Designer: Toni Barton
Music by Obo Addy


Ocean Waves: Abigail Ramsay
Dan Winters: Jeff Riebe

Project supported in part by a Faculty Advancement Fund Grant – Emerson College.


Jorge Rios and Sylvestre Rasuk in   Ernesto.

Jorge Rios and Sylvestre Rasuk in Ernesto.


2000/ 15 minutes / 16 mm / Color

Reared by his ailing grandfather in New York City, 12 year old Ernesto struggles against the pressures put upon him by his childhood friends.


2002 UFVA Award of Merit
2000 “Face of Drugs Award” Finalist, Palm Springs International Short Film Festival
2000 Kodak Grant


October 2003, Cambridge Latino Film Festival, Cambridge, MA
August 2002, UFVA Conference, Ithaca, NY
November 2001, Northwestern University Latino Film Series, Chicago
June 2001, New York International Latino Film Festival, NYC
April 2001, 17th Chicago International Latino Film Festival
August 2000, Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, Palm Springs, CA


Director/Writer: Cristina Kotz Cornejo
Producer: Cristina Kotz Cornejo, Angela Counts, David Kittredge
Cinematography: Chad Davidson
Editor: Rob Rosenberg
Production Designer: Toni Barton
Art Director: Kira Lynn Harris
Composer: Andy Kotz


Ernesto: Sylvestre “Nino” Rasuk
Ricky: Kevin Pabon
Manny: Christian Pabon
Abuelo: Jorge Rios
Bodega Owner: Jose Febus
Kid on Street: Rafel Deonarian

Distributed on CD-ROM by Partnership for a Drug Free America

Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr as Carl Meeks


23 minutes | 1999 | 16mm | Color | Absurd Comedy (NYU Thesis Film)

He hates his job but needs the money. Used copier salesman, Carl Meeks, must make a sale today or lose his job. “The Appointment” is a tale of the absurd and what happens when we lose ourselves for a paycheck.


NYU Craft Award for Best Actor, Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr.
NYU Craft Award for Best Supporting Actress, Nannette Deasy
NYU Craft Award for Musical Score, Andy Kotz
Warner Brothers Picture Production Award
Dean’s Post Production Award


August 2001, Roxbury Film Festival, Boston, MA
July 2001, New Filmmakers Program, Anthology Film Archives, NYC
August 2000, UrbanWorld Film Festival, NYC
June 2000, New York International Latino Film Festival, NYC
April 2000, 16th Chicago International Latino Film Festival
November 1999, S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase, Los Angeles, CA
September 1999, MAAFA Film Festival, Brooklyn NY
July 1999, Reel Alternative Film Salon, Brooklyn Heights Cinema, Brooklyn
April 1999, NYU First Run Film Festival, NYC


Director/Writer/Editor: Cristina Kotz Cornejo
Writer: Angela Counts
Producer: Cristina Kotz Cornejo, Angela Counts, Jay Stern
Cinematography: Aurora M. Aguero
Production Designer: Toni Barton
Costumes by: Rosemary Ponzo
Composer: Andy Kotz


Carl Meeks: Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr.
Marta Santiago: Denise Casano
Receptionist 1: Nannette Deasy
The Messenger: William Hernandez


9200 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 321
Los Angeles, CA 90069