90 minutes | Social Thriller | US & México | English & Spanish | In Development

The entangled lives of six women from the US, Mexico, Honduras and Argentina interconnect in three separate stories of courage and survival.



92 minutes | Dramatic Thriller | México | Spanish Language | Project On Hold

Hermanas, the short film, is a prequel to Hermanas de Fe.

Hermanas de Fe is a dramatic thriller and portrait of two sisters at odds with each other. Luz is angry, stubborn and full of resentment. She’s looking for love with the wrong guy, her boyfriend, Diego, and unknowingly punishes the one person who loves her the most, her sister Lupe. Luz blames Lupe for her problems; instead she's causing her own self-destruction and Lupe can’t stand idly by to watch it. It's not until Luz is pushed to the edge that she recognizes the need for change. Lupe isn't without her flaws and must look past her own judgments to meet Luz halfway.  

This story was initially inspired by the many articles and news reports about sex trafficking that dominate the headlines – in many cases, anonymous women. Statistics show that sex trafficking in Mexico entraps thousands of women every year. Most are poor women from troubled families who are drawn into modern slavery by manipulative men posing as boyfriends. I wanted to put a face to one of these stories of a woman who, because of societal and familial circumstances, is vulnerable to these manipulative men. My intention with this film is to humanize both sisters and place them front and center of their own life and story - to show what leads to their decisions and choices within their limited possibilities. Luz and Lupe, like other women in Mexico City, are average women confined to the informal work sector and with no income security who are surviving day to day in the city's metropolitan area of more than 21 million people.  Luz who has lost her faith in her family and herself becomes hungry for fast money. Diego takes advantage of this while Lupe’s lectures and judgments push Luz further into Diego’s lair. It’s important for me to demonstrate with this story the nuances and complexities of human psychology and the strength, faith and self-worth that can emerge when these women take agency of their own lives.   --- Cristina Kotz Cornejo (Writer/Director)


Attached Cast & Crew:

Paulina Gaitan (Sin Nombre, Narcos) as Luz
Vanessa Bauche (Amores Perros) as Lupe
Everardo Arzate as Diego



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SECRETOS (screenplay)

87 Minutes | Dramatic Comedy | US

Secretos tells the story of ALEJANDRA "ALEX" WALTER, a 20 year old, half Anglo-American, half Mestiza-Mexican college student from a well off family in upstate New York who is secretly in love and involved with the family's live-in, undocumented, maid, ROSA HERNANDEZ (20). As their relationship grows, we learn Alex isn't the only one in the family with secrets. 

10 page excerpt available in The Louisville Review.