Wild Wimmin Films, LLC is an independent production company headed by filmmaker, Cristina Kotz Cornejo. Wild Wimmin Films' goals are to create and collaborate on films that tell compelling, universal, character driven stories that entertain and enlighten and bring awareness to the audiences they reach. Working with reasonable budgets and streamlined to avoid excess, Wild Wimmin Films bridges art and entertainment and endeavors to make contributions to society that inspire personal and/or social change through film.

"Kotz Cornejo brings exquisite craft and taste to exploring subjects that are fraught with conflict...She is an excellent cinema stylist: her camera seems to be always in the right place to make a subtle point and the cutting is timed precisely to establish rhythm of tension and grace."

– Grafton Nunes, President, Cleveland Art Institute

"As a director [Cristina Kotz Cornejo] is able to tell stories with a visual acuity that is nothing short of breathtaking."

– Diane Lake, writer of Academy Award nominated film, Frida